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Fortnite Battle Royale is the most popular game at the moment — 154 828 watching right now!
19.01.19 - 27.01.19
19.01.19 - 20.01.19
17.01.19 - 24.03.19
15.12.18 - 16.12.18
18.01.19 - 22.03.19
17.01.19 - 17.01.19
08.01.19 - 14.01.19
07.01.19 - 14.01.19
07.09.18 - 08.09.18
05.01.19 - 07.01.19
04.01.19 - 06.01.19

Esports tournaments

Logo Title Prize pool Peak viewers Hours watched Event date
Brasileirão 2019- 25.12K
w/o CN: 25.12K
w/o CN: 498.27K
30.09.18 - 30.06.19
Duration: 48 hours
Pro League Season 9 - Latin America$27 000 43.09K
w/o CN: 43.09K
w/o CN: 580.63K
05.12.18 - 24.04.19
Duration: 22 hours
Pro League Season 9 - North America$27 000 24.13K
w/o CN: 24.13K
w/o CN: 239.60K
09.01.19 - 22.04.19
Duration: 15 hours
Magyar Nemzeti E-sport Bajnokság$12 453 1.04K
w/o CN: 1.04K
w/o CN: 5.67K
15.01.19 - 31.03.19
Duration: 9 hours
LCK Spring 2019- 9.04M
w/o CN: 388.50K
w/o CN: 4.77M
16.01.19 - 31.03.19
Duration: 102 hours
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The most popular tournaments of December

Monthly reports

The most popular tournaments of December

December was the last month of the year and passed without really having a gaming boom. A large number of holidays were significantly cutting on the workweek, which resulted in overall decrease in time available for holding matches.

PGL: the results of 2018

Tournaments stats

PGL: the results of 2018

We have already reviewed the results of 2018 for many major esports event organizers. Today, a company that was pretty much unknown few years ago managed to get into our rubric. As you may have guessed, we are talking about PGL, a tournament operator that managed to surprise the whole world a year earlier.

2018 Esports in Charts

Tournaments stats, Mobile esports

2018 Esports in Charts

We are keeping a close eye on everything esports for almost 3 years now. And today we are happy to present you our 2018 infographic. In close cooperation with, we managed to gather huge amounts of esports data and will release a full-featured report with a lot of data, charts, a bunch of awards and noteworthy activists mentions. Note that the statistics don't include Chinese platforms.

December Twitch analysis

Twitch stats

December Twitch analysis

December became the final chord of 2018 and filled the lives across the whole world with holidays and family gatherings. At the same time, it presented gamers with many hours of interesting content. Our task was to make an analysis of the situation on the Twitch platform, one which we are going to share in this article.

ESC Growth #4: New website sections

ESC Growth #4: New website sections

We have been working on this for a long time and are now ready to show it in full! Today, our website opens new sections, which contain specific statistics. Finally, the calendar of future events will see the light of day. In addition, everyone will be able to choose the results of individual teams or top organizers. More details about all the features of each section can be found below.

What do we expect from 2019

Tournaments stats, Mobile esports

What do we expect from 2019

One of the key features of esports is its huge annual growth, which attracts a large number of sponsors and partners. What should be expected from 2019 and how esports can change in the next year — Esports Charts will answer this question.

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