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Fortnite Battle Royale is the most popular game at the moment — 238 677 watching right now!

Esports tournaments

Logo Title Prize pool Peak viewers Hours watched Event date
Superliga ABCDE Season 2$26 757 10.33K
w/o CN: 10.33K
w/o CN: 406.79K
09.11.18 - 23.12.18
Duration: 86 hours
Ultraliga Season 1- 4.71K
w/o CN: 4.71K
w/o CN: 248.45K
22.10.18 - 23.12.18
Duration: 120 hours
King Pro League Fall Season 2018 Playoffs- 9.94M 239.12M 22.11.18 - 22.12.18
Duration: 38 hours
Arena of Valor International Championship 2018$600 000 1.12M
w/o CN: 297.61K
w/o CN: 6.11M
23.11.18 - 16.12.18
Duration: 51 hours
Битва Университетов 2018- 10.59K
w/o CN: 10.59K
w/o CN: 66.21K
24.11.18 - 09.12.18
Duration: 19 hours
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The most popular tournaments of October

Monthly reports

The most popular tournaments of October

Autumn is one of the hottest periods in the entertainment industry. Esport is no exception — there were many many tournaments in October, nevertheless, the real star of the month was Worlds 2018 — the largest esports championship of the year.

CS:GO in 2018 — esports review

Tournaments stats

CS:GO in 2018 — esports review

Counter-Strike is inherently unique esports discipline with a long history. It is very easy to get what is going on in this game which allows any viewer to understand what is happening in the match after a few minutes of viewing. Thus, CS:GO automatically turns into almost the best esports discipline that can captivate any passerby with its energy and entertainment.

The analysis of the first Clash Royale esports season

Mobile esports

The analysis of the first Clash Royale esports season

Mobile esports is no longer a joke. The Arena of Valor World Championship is taking place right now, gathering a huge audience of viewers. This game dominates in Southeast Asia and China, while in other regions its position is relatively weak. In the same time, mobile strategy Clash Royale by Supercell is the biggest mobile game in Europe and the Americas, it gathers an impressive number of fans and spectators.

November Twitch analysis

Twitch stats

November Twitch analysis

Online broadcasting is a global trend in the entertainment and gaming industries. One of Esports Charts functions is to follow it’s development, new patterns, and trends. November is the period of high-profile releases in the gaming field, so it would be interesting to see how this fact reflected the streamers and spectators of the most popular platform in the world — Twitch.

ESC Growth #2

ESC Growth #2

Esports Charts provides reliable information about the popularity of esports and gaming events. Many esports experts build their understandings about the growth of the esports industry using our statistics. We want to make our service better and more user-friendly for everybody, that is why we are constantly improving our toolkit.

Mobile esports rising — AoV International Championship 2018

Mobile esports

Mobile esports rising — AoV International Championship 2018

We wrote the blog at the beginning of the year that mobile esports could become the biggest trend of 2018. And it happened, but mostly in Asia. Mobile esports gathers a huge audience in China and Southeast Asia, often even more popular than traditional disciplines like Dota 2 or League of Legends. Arena of Valor (or King of Glory / Honour of Kings in China) is the most popular. The main tournament of the year of this discipline started recently, which will most likely set the new record of the maximum amount of viewers for the discipline. That is why we decided to write the blog about AoV to understand how big is it compare to the mastodons of the industry.

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