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CEO 2018 results — the heart of fightings

Posted Sep 04, 2018

Community Effort Orlando or CEO is the largest annual event dedicated to fighting games of all kinds and sizes. It is a real Mecca for all fans of the genre. There were organized a lot of tournaments of all known fighting games and their broadcasts gathered a lot of viewers from the whole world.

The US has a huge community of fighting fans that is why the hugest fighting event was hosted right there. The festivals were organized in 2010 for the first time. The event almost failed before the start, but three weeks before that Alex Jebailey extended a helping hand to organizers. Alex is Global Fighting Games Community Director for DreamHack — it means that he is the professional. He also became the CEO of Community Effort Orlando.

CEO progresses every year confidently — the amount of players, participants, online viewers and tournament disciplines increases greatly. 300 tournaments players joined the event in 2010, while in 2013 there were 1800 of them. CEO started to host tournaments from the Capcom Pro Tour series from 2014. If you win it you will automatically get an invitation to the prestigious Capcom Cup with a large prize pool. Developers of fighting games, popular bloggers and eminent stars of boxing started to visit CEO all the time.

We had a lot of expectations for CEO 2018, like the increase of the amount of spectators and participants. We wanted it, we got it — the festival demonstrated good results this year.

CEO 2017 had 11 tournaments for different fighting games while their amount in 2018 almost doubled — 20 championships. The amount of players also increased — 2493 in 2017 and 3787 in 2018.

Dragon Ball FighterZ came out in January 2018 and became a real hit — 1.5 million console copies we sold on the release. It also got a record number of simultaneous players on Steam among all fighting games in the history of the genre — 44.234 people at the peak. The game couldn't to have some success on the esports field. The DBFZ tournament at the CEO totaled the biggest amount of viewers at the peak — 44.230 people at the peak and 11.000 people on average, which is a lot for the fighting game.

Street Fighters V CEO tournament gathered 40.780 at the peak with 568 players total. Street Fighter has a huge fan base which allowed this game to bypass Dragon Ball FighterZ with the amount of average viewers — 23.468 people. This tournament is the official part of the Capcom Pro Tour, so the winner will go to the Capcom Cup at the end of the season with the direct invitational.

There are a lot of old school fighting fans in the US, so organizers also hosted the classic Super Street Fighter II Turbo championship. It totaled 19.653 viewers at the peak and 8.597 on average. It is quite a lot for the old game.

Tekken 7 tool the third place after Dragon Ball FighterZ and Street Fighter V. It is also the fighting franchize with quite long history and huge fan base. That is why it gathered 34.870 viewers at the peak. At the same time, the esports division of Tekken is not the well-developed as Street Fighter. That is why the average amount of viewers is significantly less — 9.879 people.

Super Smash Bros. has always been very popular in America, like all Nintendo products. Alex Jebailey personally organized SSB tournament this year. Thus the championship totaled 13.382 viewers at the peak and 6.948 people on average.

As it was already said, there were 20 tournaments on the CEO. We have already announced the largest broadcasts, but there were also others. For example CEO Injustice 2 tournament, CEO Killer Instinct tournament, CEO Gear Xrd REV 2 tournament and other.

Fightings are growing rapidly every year as an esports discipline. Esports Charts will monitor all statistics to keep in case of everything.

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