Bringing esports to Web Summit 2017

Posted Nov 05, 2017

Esports Charts is on the road to the biggest IT event of the year: the Web Summit! They call it “the Davos for geeks”, but we also thoroughly enjoy the non-business side of it: a massive celebration of tech and gaming culture.

The founder and fearless leader of the ESM holding, Ivan Danishevsky, is on a mission to bring the evolution of esports this year to Lisbon. We’re going to be spending lots of time with our partners, meeting new people and just having a blast with all of you!

We’ll talk about the huge audiences available in the esports market today, about our unique technology for gathering online statistics, about streaming as the future of brand promotion and much, much more!

As our own “goody bag” for the amazing folks at the Summit, we’ll be showing off our findings on the recent League of Legends championship (over 100 million concurrent viewers, can you believe it?!). We’ll break down the numbers and provide our own proprietary analytics, all for your benefit.

ESM is the next big name in competitive gaming: it unites three powerful tech platforms, and we can’t wait to introduce you to their awesomeness!

It’s an exciting time for esports, for the tech industry, and for all of us on the road to Portugal. Let’s step into the future, shall we?

Come and meet Ivan and the team of ESM at the Web Summit! Making new friends is one of the things we enjoy the most. Whether you want to discuss business or just hang out - drop us a line through our contacts and we’ll make the magic happen.

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