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March Twitch analysis

Posted Apr 13, 2018

March 2018 became one of the most important month in the history of streaming. We invite you to read Esports Charts monthly report about the most popular Twitch broadcasts and games.

League of Legends lost the crown of the most popular game on Twitch for the first time in the history of streaming. What is more important: the most popular MOBA in the world couldn’t even compete with the new king — Fortnite, the difference in amount of viewers is huge. The next month’s statistics will show how stable is the viewership of Fortnite.

Overwatch got more viewers in March because of the promotion of Overwatch League and engaging new audiences. Blizzard works hard to improve their game. Special event “Uprising” will start in April thus we are waiting that Overwatch will receive even more viewers on Twitch next month.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive continues to lose positions in the list of the most popular games on Twitch. Valve didn’t organize any Major events, that is why CS:GO didn’t gather many spectators. DreamHack Masters 2018 will be hold in April thus the average amount of viewers will probably rise.

Rocket League rose so high because of Rocket League Championship Series which started in Europe and North America. Starcraft 2 receives more and more attention from the community with each month after multiplayer became free to play last November.

Games like Sea of Thieves, Far Cry 5, A Way Out and others will most likely vanish from next month’s top as they are not competitive games thus they cannot hold audience for a long time.  

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