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Check the number of live viewers and chat activity of Twitch channel. This service helps to detect if streamer is using bots to increase his viewers' count (analog/alternative to Checkbots)

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Channel name Check date Total viewers Total chatters
Channel name rzeberkoo Check date 23.02.2019 22:42 Total viewers 1 Total chatters 7
Channel name zinoolive Check date 23.02.2019 21:55 Total viewers 20 Total chatters 69
Channel name AlinaRinRin Check date 23.02.2019 21:29 Total viewers 659 Total chatters 624
Channel name WELOVEGAMES Check date 23.02.2019 21:26 Total viewers 1 540 Total chatters 1 541
Channel name KSENIAkisa Check date 23.02.2019 21:25 Total viewers 40 Total chatters 52
Channel name ELEAGUE TV Check date 23.02.2019 20:29 Total viewers 29 192 Total chatters 20 695
Channel name Geksagen Check date 23.02.2019 19:08 Total viewers 820 Total chatters 626
Channel name forsen Check date 23.02.2019 16:30 Total viewers 17 792 Total chatters 14 167
Channel name shroud Check date 23.02.2019 00:13 Total viewers 66 405 Total chatters 56 007
Channel name Onty Check date 22.02.2019 18:33 Total viewers 104 Total chatters 123

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