Total prize pool

$15 992

Peak viewers

24 867 viewers

Hours watched

643 423 hours

Air time

101 hours


Logo Title Prize pool Peak viewers Hours watched Event date
Heart Of Battle Prize pool $4 760 Peak viewers 10.07K
w/o CN: 10.07K
Hours watched 59.12K
w/o CN: 59.12K
09.02.19 - 10.02.19
Duration: 12 hours
Ultimate at ULTIMATE Prize pool - Peak viewers 0.08K
w/o CN: 0.08K
Hours watched 0.39K
w/o CN: 0.39K
08.12.18 - 09.12.18
Duration: 10 hours
The Mango: Homecoming Prize pool $5 392 Peak viewers 24.87K
w/o CN: 24.87K
Hours watched 192.02K
w/o CN: 192.02K
10.11.18 - 12.11.18
Duration: 19 hours
Smash Sounds Prize pool - Peak viewers 6.32K
w/o CN: 6.32K
Hours watched 52.84K
w/o CN: 52.84K
07.07.18 - 09.07.18
Duration: 18 hours
2GG: Hyrule Saga Prize pool - Peak viewers 21.03K
w/o CN: 21.03K
Hours watched 214.79K
w/o CN: 214.79K
23.06.18 - 25.06.18
Duration: 23 hours
SwitchFest 2018 Prize pool - Peak viewers 8.93K
w/o CN: 8.93K
Hours watched 34.57K
w/o CN: 34.57K
21.04.18 - 22.04.18
Duration: 11 hours
The Mango Prize pool $5 840 Peak viewers 13.55K
w/o CN: 13.55K
Hours watched 89.71K
w/o CN: 89.71K
18.03.18 - 19.03.18
Duration: 10 hours

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