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Clash Royale

Clash Royale is young mobile esports discipline from Supercell studio. It is hard to describe this game — it is something between CCG, Tower Defence and MOBA. Right now Clash Royale is one of the most popular mobile game in the world with a huge development potential.

Several years ago Supercell tried to make Clash of Kings as the esports discipline. Sadly but the tournaments totaled little audience, so the company decided to change everything and focus on Clash Royale. This sharm turn appeared to be successful. Clash Royale transformed into one of the most popular mobile esports discipline in the world.

Tournaments Prize pool Peak viewers Hours watched Event date
Clash Royale League World Finals 2018- 708.63K
w/o CN: 354.72K
w/o CN: 2.33M
Duration: 9 hours
Clash Royale League 2018: Asia Fall Season- 26.24K
w/o CN: 26.24K
w/o CN: 207.37K
24.08.18 - 11.11.18
Duration: 113 hours
Clash Royale League 2018: Latin America- 60.08K
w/o CN: 60.08K
w/o CN: 656.44K
13.08.18 - 02.11.18
Duration: 70 hours
Clash Royale League 2018: Europe- 95.49K
w/o CN: 95.49K
w/o CN: 772.20K
21.08.18 - 28.10.18
Duration: 51 hours
Clash Royale League 2018: North America- 66.90K
w/o CN: 66.90K
w/o CN: 595.10K
20.08.18 - 28.10.18
Duration: 56 hours
Circuito Clash Royale Colombia 2018
$4 000 1.26K
w/o CN: 1.26K
w/o CN: 3.30K
28.08.18 - 14.10.18
Duration: 9 hours
Clash Royale League 2018: China Fall Season$73 487 113.09K 8.11M 17.08.18 - 14.10.18
Duration: 116 hours
Clash Royale League Asia Spring 2018$40 000 7.31K
w/o CN: 7.31K
w/o CN: 78.16K
27.04.18 - 15.07.18
Duration: 39 hours
LVP Superliga Spring 2018- 14.13K
w/o CN: 14.13K
w/o CN: 546.08K
04.02.18 - 03.06.18
Duration: 129 hours
Clash Royale League 2018- 573.75K 20.84M 23.03.18 - 03.06.18
Duration: 131 hours
Clash Royale Super Magical Cup
$20 000 5.52K
w/o CN: 5.52K
w/o CN: 21.72K
Duration: 5 hours
Crown Championship World Finals 2017
$400 000 236.30K
w/o CN: 236.30K
w/o CN: 687.12K
Duration: 7 hours
Crown Championship LATAM Finals
- 20.50K
w/o CN: 20.50K
w/o CN: 75.78K
12.11.17 - 13.11.17
Duration: 8 hours
King's Cup 2
$200 000 186.94K
w/o CN: 186.94K
w/o CN: 907.37K
28.10.17 - 30.10.17
Duration: 17 hours
Clash Royale Touchdown Tournament
- 277.21K
w/o CN: 277.21K
w/o CN: 412.93K
Duration: 2 hours
ESWC Gamescom Clash Royale 2017$5 900 40.24K
w/o CN: 40.24K
w/o CN: 310.42K
22.08.17 - 26.08.17
Duration: 15 hours
ESWC Clash Royale World Cup 2017- 83.10K
w/o CN: 83.10K
w/o CN: 76.31K
Duration: 2 hours

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