Gears of War - Tournaments

Gears of War

Gears of War is a 2006 military science fiction third-person shooter video game developed by Epic Games. Gameplay is based on the cover system and careful walkthrough of the linear story. Gears of War also features several online multiplayer game modes for up to eight players.

Tournaments Prize pool Peak viewers Hours watched Event date
Gears Pro Circuit MLG Columbus Charity Invitational$100 000 12.26K
w/o CN: 12.26K
w/o CN: 132.48K
17.11.18 - 19.11.18
Duration: 21 hours
Gears Esports North American Regionals$20 000 4.57K
w/o CN: 4.57K
w/o CN: 40.65K
10.11.18 - 12.11.18
Duration: 16 hours
Gears Pro Circuit San Diego Open 2018$250 000 33.98K
w/o CN: 33.98K
w/o CN: 452.08K
28.09.18 - 01.10.18
Duration: 32 hours
New Orleans Open 2018$250 000 50.34K
w/o CN: 50.34K
w/o CN: 524.39K
13.07.18 - 16.07.18
Duration: 32 hours
Gears Pro Circuit Las Vegas Open 2018$150 000 21.54K
w/o CN: 21.54K
w/o CN: 381.02K
06.04.18 - 09.04.18
Duration: 31 hours
Gears Pro Circuit Mexico City Open 2018$150 000 25.05K
w/o CN: 25.05K
w/o CN: 483.89K
26.01.18 - 29.01.18
Duration: 33 hours
Gears Pro Circuit MLG Dallas Open 2017$300 000 18.89K
w/o CN: 18.89K
w/o CN: 242.87K
01.12.17 - 05.12.17
Duration: 30 hours
Gears Pro Circuit Las Vegas Open 2017$250 000 43.32K
w/o CN: 43.32K
w/o CN: 518.67K
02.06.17 - 05.06.17
Duration: 30 hours

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