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King of Glory (mobile game)

King of Glory is very popular mobile MOBA from the Chinese company Tencent. It’s true name is Wangzhe Rongyao, the game also have a lot of different names like Kings of Glory, Honor of King or Honour of King. The biggest inspiration for developers was League of Legends — that is why the game looks and feels like MOBA from Riot.

King of Glory can be called the most popular mobile esports discipline in the world. It has millions of fans in China, a lot of teams have professionals rosters which plays in the huge amount of tournaments and leagues.

Tournaments Prize pool Peak viewers Hours watched Event date
King Pro League Fall Season 2018 Playoffs- 9.94M 239.12M 22.11.18 - 22.12.18
Duration: 38 hours
King Pro League Fall Season 2018- 8.58M 1.78B 12.09.18 - 25.11.18
Duration: 401 hours
Honor of Kings Champion Cup 2018
- 7.35M 24.43M 01.08.18 - 11.08.18
Duration: 6 hours
King Pro League Spring 2018- 14.57M 1.71B 21.03.18 - 09.07.18
Duration: 361 hours
Đấu Trường Danh Vọng Mùa Xuân 2018$17 600 210.34K
w/o CN: 210.34K
w/o CN: 3.53M
21.02.18 - 29.04.18
Duration: 95 hours
King Pro League Spring Qualifiers 2018- 1.73M 51.09M 01.01.18 - 12.01.18
Duration: 75 hours
King Pro League Fall Season 2017- 19.54M 981.69M 21.09.17 - 23.12.17
Duration: 235 hours
King Champion Cup 2017
- 2.98M 60.38M 27.07.17 - 19.08.17
Duration: 61 hours
King Pro League 2017- 9.13M 291.63M 24.03.17 - 09.07.17
Duration: 254 hours

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